Our Story
Respect for dedication

We’re here to celebrate the early risers. People who are determined, seeing every moment as an opportunity.  The ones who show up and give everything they’ve got. We don’t compromise in the gym, kitchen, office, or anywhere else. Why should our beer be any different?

No shortcuts.
No excuses.

Everyday, we strive to be a little bit stronger than the day before. To climb a little higher. To brew a little better. Perfecting this recipe took two years’ worth of work with the very best minds in the brewing industry. We sweated every detail, because how we do one thing, is how we do it all.

Life is a team sport

We push ourselves everyday, but we do so with others in mind. From day one, we’re giving back 1% of our revenue to community efforts, starting with grassroots charity organizations in our home state of Texas— because we’re all stronger when we grow together.