Are you ELITE?

The TEAMEIGHT network is a diverse community of “early risers” who challenge themselves to be better today than yesterday. They work hard, but they also know when to pause and celebrate the little wins. TEAMEIGHTS are thought leaders, wellness enthusiasts and community builders. They are an extension of our team and represent our brand through mission building, social promotion, and community engagement.

Athletes enjoying EIGHT Elite Lager

The Perks

The TEAMEIGHT network gets the inside scoop on all things EIGHT, including a seat at the table with Troy and other influential thinkers in the space, access to exclusive EIGHT events, branded gear and sponsorship opportunities. Oh, and did we mention, BEER? Plus, earn rewards when you inspire other TEAMEIGHTS to hustle.


Our TeamEIGHT program is currently at capacity. Check back this fall for more details on how to apply.